Important Tips to Prevent a House Fire

Prevent a housefire

House fires are known to claim the lives of many people as well as causing immense damage to properties every year. Following safety measures and having regular checks can help protect your home and family from a devastating event like a house fire.

Below outlined are simple fire safety tips that will help prevent a house fire.

Check smoke alarms from time to time.

One simple way to prevent a house fire is by testing your smoke alarms regularly. Test the alarm by pressing the little button present on it. If the beep is not loud enough, replace the batteries immediately. Conduct these checks once a month. In the event of a fire, these will help alert the occupants, giving them enough time to evacuate.

Inspect all heating sources.

A fire could break out if your heating sources aren’t functioning properly. Having them inspected annually by a professional will help minimise the risk of fire. Ensure the air filters are clean and free from dust and debris with regular cleaning.

Keep the stove and oven clean.

Remember to keep flammable items away from the stove or oven. Ensure your curtains are not hanging too close to the stove, to avoid the risk of fire. And do not leave towels or a cookbook on a burner that could still be hot. Always clean up food particles left on the burner after cooking. Keep these little things in mind to prevent a house fire.

Don’t leave the kitchen unattended.

It only takes a few seconds for a fire to break out. Hence, you should never leave any cooking food or a hot cooking surface unwatched. Whether you’re boiling potatoes or preparing some juicy steak on an electric griddle, you need to be near. If for whatever reason you need to leave the kitchen, make sure you turn off the stove or griddle first. Another alternative is to have someone to keep a check on the cooking until you get back.

Check the dryer.

Have your dryer inspected on a yearly basis to ensure all connections are secure. While it’s common for us to forget a few things here and there while doing our chores, always remember to clean out the lint trap after finishing a load of laundry. Regularly check behind the dryer for a collection of lint or any items of laundry that may have fallen behind.

Maintain all cords.

Check your cords before plugging something in. Make sure the wires are not frayed or chewed. If the wires are damaged, replace them immediately to avoid any fire hazards. Also, check the placement of your electrical cords. They tend to produce heat, so avoid trapping them below a rug or between wall and furniture.

Store flammable products properly.

Many household cleaners and cosmetic items like shaving cream and hairspray are flammable and can combust when exposed to a lot of heat. It’s best to keep flammable items away from heat sources like space heaters. Also, avoid storing them in areas where there’s direct exposure to sunlight. Select a cool area for storage of such products and ensure all family members know where they are kept.

Use candles carefully.

Scented candles are something all of us love. But if you use them negligently they could cause a house fire. While lighting them, make sure they are far away from flammable items like curtains, blankets, etc. Do not leave candles unattended, put them out before leaving the room. Before getting in bed, blow the candle out. Never place them on uneven surfaces like carpets, as there are chances of them falling over. Use candle holders and place them in a secure, firm surface that is not accessible by small children or pets.

Use the fireplace responsibly.

To prevent stray sparks from escaping, have a durable metal fire screen installed in front of the fireplace. Never leave the fireplace when it’s on. Give ashes sufficient time to cool down before discarding them. Use a designated metal container for disposal of ashes.

Keep fire extinguishers handy.

A fire extinguisher is a real lifesaver when a fire breaks out. It’s important to stock fire extinguishers in high risk and key areas of your home, such as the kitchen, the fireplace, the bedroom, etc. Ensure all family members know how to use the extinguisher properly, so if ever a fire does break out, it can put out in the least amount of time.

A fire can happen anywhere and anytime. Following the above practices can help prevent you, your family and your home from falling victim to a life-threatening house fire.

If your home has suffered from a house fire, contact Classique Chem-Dry to find out how we can help with the fire damage restoration process.

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