Tips to Maintain Your Carpets

Tips to maintain your carpet

A good, clean carpet brings attention to itself and adds beauty to the room. If you know a few tips to maintain your carpets properly, it can be the focal point of your room making the whole room very pleasing. As the carpet ages, the wow factor from the carpet slowly starts to fade. At this point, it is best to get a carpet cleaning and treating process done from a professional carpet cleaner to restore the carpet to the original condition as much as possible.

But is there a way to prolong the life of carpets as much as possible so that the cleaners and their big guns don’t have to be called unless absolutely necessary? Yes there is. Here are some of the tips to maintain your carpets and increase its lifespan.

Keep sharp ages away from the carpets.

If you have placed any furniture on the carpets then make sure the legs are not to sharp that they damage the carpets. All the furniture will create dents on the carpet, but, some will damage it more than the others. If your carpet is delicate then you must take extra care while placing furniture on it. Go for flat bottoms more than sharp edges.

Keep moving heavy furniture around.

Keep moving the furniture around to prevent pile crushing. Depending on how you have set up your living room, this may or may not be possible. But if it is, we strongly recommend in doing so.

Don’t let the stains settle in.

Even though most of the carpets claim to be stain free, the best way to protect the carpets from stains is to deal with the stains immediately. Soapy water can come in handy in such cases. There are many ways of cleaning your carpet without using chemicals. You can use soap and a damp cloth to clean the area that is affected. Whatever you do, do not scrub or brush the area. This will only make the spill constituents go deeper into the carpet and make it difficult for them to be cleaned.

Keep away from sunlight.

There is a high chance that your carpets will get damaged if you keep it exposed to the sunlight for prolonged times. This will most definitely affect our carpet’s colours and brightness. Although it’s not the sun that affects your carpet, the duration of exposure is the reason behind the damage.

Vacuum clean every Sunday.

Although it is recommended that you vacuum your carpets every day, you could vacuum them every Sunday. Vacuuming your carpets everyday ensures that the dirt and other particles do not set deep into the carpet to a point from which where they cannot be easily removed.

For area rugs, start from the centre and slowly move towards the fringes. Make sure the vacuum is set to low, you don’t want the edges to get sucked into the cleaner. If it’s not too much work then you could might as well turn the carpet around and clean the other side too.

Good old fashioned way – beat them up.

If vacuuming the carpet is troublesome for you or if the vacuum cleaner is giving you problems, try the old fashioned way of beating the dirt out of the carpet. Hang the carpet on a rope and hit it with a baseball bat. If you have any teenagers in the house than you could use their help to do this. Or you do it and get some nice upper body exercise for yourself. Make sure you don’t hit too hard, just enough to make the dirt come off the carpet.

Wash them regularly.

If vacuum doesn’t work very well for you then you can wash the carpets. Keep them soaked in soap water for couple of hours and rinse them under the running water. If you want to have a hassle free wash, then put them in the washing machine.

Now that you have learnt a few tips to maintain your carpets, when do you need a professional carpet cleaner? If you have an expensive carpet or a heirloom even, it’s best you get a professional carpet cleaner to do the cleaning for you. Classique Chem-Dry has years of experience in this area. Our latest technology along with highly skilled technicians will treat & clean your carpets in the best way possible.

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