Tips to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

Remove pet hair from carpets

Pets are a part of the family, and no matter how much you try, you cannot stop them from making a mess. Children can be told & intimidated not to do certain things which can create a mess. Pets, on the other hand, cannot be trained for certain things. And of all the things they do, natural hair fall is something even they cannot control. Here are tips on how to remove pet hair from carpets.

Baking soda

Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet 2-3 minutes before you vacuum it. This causes the hair to loosen up and detach itself from the carpet. A normal vacuum round after this will leave the carpet hair-less.

Rubber Gloves

This method is more suitable for smaller patches of the rug or the carpet. This method is absolutely great for cleaning the hard to reach areas & tricky corners. It’s easy, you put on a rubber glove and ensure it’s thick & sturdy. Gloves with added dots or other texture will make the hair cleaning part much easier. Rub the area you want to be cleaned with your hand & collect the hair. Get rid of this hair and then vacuum the area to get rid of any hair left.

Fabric Softener

Fill a spray bottle with three portions of water and one portion of fabric softener. Lightly spray on the area you want to clean and make it moist. Ensure that you do not over spray on the carpet. Leave the softener solution on the carpet for some time allowing it to settle for a few minutes. Once done, vacuum any hair off the carpet which was loosened due to the softener.


One easy way to remove all the hair is to scrap the carpet with a Squeegee and make it in form of a pile. Once they’re together, you can easily remove the hair with your hand. This one is very easy but can be a lengthy process if you have a big house.

Now, what can you expect from a professional carpet cleaning company who is fully equipped to professionally clean your carpets and make them look almost as if they’re new? A company like Classique Chemdry is completely equipped with all the tools needed to clean your carpets from pet hair along with several other factors which can dirty your carpets. A professional cleaning company will completely remove hair from the carpets along with sterilising and cleaning the carpet off any dirt, dust or bacteria. Call Classique Chemdry on 1800 213 006 for carpet cleaning services.

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