Steam Cleaning vs. Carbonation Cleaning: Which is Better?

Steam Cleaning vs. Carbonation Cleaning
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Deciding to have your dirty carpets cleaned? There are many methods to choose from depending on the desired clean effect you want for your carpet. However, unless you are an expert carpet cleaner, it can be confusing as to which carpet cleaning method is best.

Whatever your carpet situation is, it’s good to know more about different carpet cleaning processes. We cover two of the most effective carpet cleaning methods here.

Steam Carpet Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

One of the most popular carpet cleaning methods known in the industry is steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning. Steam cleaning was originally developed in the 1940’s.

In the steam carpet cleaning method, professional carpet cleaners use a machine that sprays a high quantity of heated water on the carpet. This helps the dirt and grime lodged in the carpet to get loosened. The water is then vacuumed simultaneously. Thus all the dirt and debris gets sucked up or dissolved in the large volumes of hot water and high pressure. Sometimes by using cleaning chemicals added to the water, allergens, germs, bacteria, and viruses also get eliminated from the carpet.

In this process, steam is not actually used. Actual steam could damage and shrink your carpet’s fibres if it comes in contact with your carpet. However, when hot water is released, steam does come off in the special equipment used.

Doing steam cleaning at home on your own is not recommended – you won’t get great results. In the Hot Water Extraction Cleaning process, there is a long drying time of 1-2 days. Carpets get deeply soaked by using too much water. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew.   

The cleaning chemicals used could be harsh on your carpet and dangerous for occupants, especially children and pets. There may be a sticky residue left behind on the carpet, thus making your carpet more prone to getting dirty. Sometimes when inexperienced people use the steam cleaning method, there are a few side effects. You will have to hire professional steam cleaning carpet cleaners for it.

Hot Carbonating Extraction Cleaning

In the hot carbonating extraction cleaning method, millions of microscopic bubbles are used to clean carpets through a super-heated, low-moisture process.

This process involves bubbly properties of carbonation. The bubbles penetrate deep into your carpet. With the release of carbonation as the bubbles explode, they break up dirt and grime trapped within your carpet fibres and lifts it to the surface. Then to extract the dirt and moisture from your carpet, specialised high-powered equipment has to be used.

Though the carbonating cleaning method uses hot water to extract dirt from your carpet, it takes a different approach as the carpet is not soaked. The properties of carbonation allow for a deep clean without moisture. There is a short drying time of only 1-2 hours. The risk of mould, mildew and bacteria is avoided.  With hot carbonating extraction cleaning, an average of 98% of common household allergens are removed from carpet and upholstery. This makes for better indoor air quality and allows you to breathe easier.

Using less water also allows you to reduce your water waste when cleaning.

Carbonated carpet cleaning uses green solutions and is a healthier cleaning method. No soaps, detergents, surfactants or harsh chemicals are used during the carbonated cleaning process. Hence, there is no sticky residue left behind which can cause your carpet to become dirty and soiled again.

Hot Carbonating Extraction Cleaning is a bit more complex than steam cleaning. For best results when it comes to this type of cleaning method, have professional carpet cleaners handle the task for you.

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