Removal of Stains After the Holiday Season

Removal of Stains After the Holiday Season

This year’s holiday season was pretty low-key compared to every other year, due to Coronavirus restrictions. However, that does not mean that the stains left after the celebrations will be low key as well. We may have had a lesser number of people over at our homes for dinners, parties and gatherings. But the amount of time all the family members, kids and pets have spent inside the walls of the house has also been more. More time inside the house with nowhere to go, higher the chances of drinks spilling, kids drawing on walls, adults being clumsy and dropping things, all of which lead to leaving stains.

Spills and stains are a huge cause of worry after any party or gathering. This tension increases greatly after the back to back celebrations lined up through the end of every year. We are all left wondering after how to get rid of the stains without getting rid of or damaging the fabric or stained item. The best solution to this is hiring a professional service such as Classique Chem-dry for all your stain removal needs. In situations where it is not possible to do so, here are some tips on removal of stains after the holiday season.

Stains on Walls.

Cleaning walls regularly is the key to keeping the house looking neat and sparkling. The first and foremost step would be to determine the kind of paint on it- which paints will stand up to washing, which ones will fade if you scrub a little too hard. Regardless of this, removing the dust and dirt from the wall is very important before you start cleaning. To avoid any damage to your wall, start with the mildest cleaner or detergent you have and then move on to the tougher ones to remove stains and smudges. Water with a balanced pH of 7 is the mildest cleaner out there.

Next up in the list is warm water mixed with dishwashing soap. Ensure that the wall is dried correctly to avoid streaking, after washing the wall. The best way to prevent this is by starting at the top of the wall and working your way to the bottom. Use separate buckets for clean water and the dirty one. Be sure to use a damp sponge or cloth, not a dripping wet cloth or sponge. Some of the stains from the walls can also be removed by using cleaning erasers. They are very handy to use.

Spills on Floors.

Floors are comparatively much easier to clean than many other surfaces. Floors are usually made of material meant to be more durable, easy to clean and maintain. Tiles are often used in bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms in your house. They make for a great and easy-to-manage surface for high-traffic areas. Tile stains may set in quickly when spills occur and give a hard time as they won’t be very easy to come off. It is important to know what material the tile is made of, before you start cleaning. Different materials like ceramic, marble, natural stone, porcelain have different cleaning techniques and substances used for cleaning them. Abrasive cleaning solutions or cleaners with acidic ingredients should be avoided on natural stone.

Try out the stain-removing cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot on the floor, before using it directly on the stain or spill. A soaked cloth, mild detergent and warm water does the trick most of the times, for removing any stains from the floor. The bathroom tiles could use diluted vinegar instead of abrasive cleaners to remove the mineral and soap deposits in the bathroom floors.

Instead of scouring the internet for hours, looking to find the perfect solution for your stain removal needs, call Classique Chem-Dry. We undertake stain removal of all kinds and are experts in handling any material, without damaging it. Our experienced team is more than happy to clean your rugs, upholstery items, walls, carpets and stains caused by pets. Contact us now on 1800 213 006. Visit to know more about our other services.

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