Smart Ways to Keep Your Tile Floors Clean

Smart ways to keep your tile floors clean

Your beautiful looking tile floors are exposed to dirt everyday. In order to keep them clean and shiny, regular maintenance is a must. If they are not cleaned regularly, the grout will harbour dirt making your tiles look dull. Over a period of time, this dirt will settle in your grout and be difficult to get rid of. No matter the number of times you mop the floor, the grout will remain the same. In such a case you will have to scrub it clean using a soft brush or call in a professional cleaning company to get all the dirt out.

The good news is there are several ways to take care of your tile floors and ensure they look nice and clean for longer.

Use doormats.

Doormats are quite useful in keeping dirt off your tile floors. You can place them on both sides of your main door, front and back, to prevent mud or any dirt from getting tracked into your home. The less dirt that gets onto your tile floors, the easier it will be to ensure they are clean. If you have tile flooring in your bathrooms, you could use bath mats to keep the floor dry.

Implement a ‘No Footwear’ rule.

Another smart way to avoid dirt from reaching the tiles is to have a ‘No footwear rule’. Ask visitors and family members to take their footwear off before entering the home. You can place a shoe rack just before the front door, where one can keep their shoes.

Vacuum and dust.

It is a good practice to vacuum or sweep your tile floors at least once a week. This helps to easily remove all the dust and dirt before they embed in your tiles and grout. You could also use a fluffy dust mop to clean your tiles. Do not use a broom with hard bristles as it could leave scratches on your flooring. This simple tip will go a long way in keeping your tiles clean.

Clean up spills right away.

The moment something spills on your tile floors, clean it immediately. Keep it for later, and the spills could stain your tiles and make the surface sticky causing it to attract dirt. You can use absorbent cloths to wipe up spills easily. For raw meat and egg spills, you will need to clean and disinfect the spill for which you could use a disinfecting cleaner. This will keep bacteria from settling into the tiles. As there’s a possibility of the chemicals making your tiles look dull, it is good to clean the area with water.

Mop the floor.

In addition to vacuuming, mop your tile floors once a week using warm water. You may use a soap to bring out the colour and shine of the tiles. But before you do so, make sure it is mild and safe to use on your flooring to avoid any tile damage. Dry the floor after mopping to prevent slipping accidents and dirt from resettling into the wet area.

Clean the grout.

Just like your tiles need cleaning, so does your grout. You can simply use a paste of baking soda and water. Apply the mixture on the grout and leave it overnight, then scrub the grout using an old toothbrush. Wipe the paste off using warm water after cleaning.

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