Holiday Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Holiday Cleaning Tips for Your Home

That special time of the year is fast approaching – the holiday season! It’s the most eagerly awaited time where friends and family can come together while following COIVD-19 social guidelines.
Getting ready for the holidays means putting holiday cleaning chores at the top of your list. Most people feel the stress of keeping their homes clean and ever-ready for loved ones’ visits. Here’s a basic DIY guide on how and what to clean in the most essential areas of your home before the holidays.

Holiday Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen.

Many homes now have an open concept, where the kitchen is likely a part of the party space. People move around all areas freely and even gather in the kitchen. So these holiday cleaning tips will ensure your kitchen is ready for your loved ones:
• Clean out the fridge before any holiday shopping is done.
• Wipe down all appliances. Don’t let any sticky fingerprints remain on the refrigerator, stove, oven, and dishwasher.
• Wipe down the trash can. Make sure you take out the trash before a gathering.

Holiday Cleaning Tips for the Bathrooms.

It’s an advantage if your home has a guest bathroom on the main floor. This can be used during your holiday get-togethers. You can then focus your holiday cleaning primarily on this bathroom. However you could also have stay-over guests during the holidays and all bathrooms will be in use. Follow these tips to deep clean your bathrooms:
• Clean spots on and around the sink, toilet, mirrors and especially at the base of the toilet.
• Clean out your medicine cabinet. Have basics like aspirin and bandages readily available for your guests.
• Wipe down door handles and towel racks to add a sparkle to your bathroom.
• Have fresh towels, washcloths, soaps, toilet paper and other stocks easily accessible in the bathroom for your guests.

Holiday Cleaning Tips for the Guest Bedrooms.

It’s definitely important to clean your guest bedrooms when you’re having people come to stay at your home during the holidays. Here’s how to tidy up your bedrooms:
• Wash linen regardless of whether they’ve been slept on since the last washing or not.
• Wipe down door handles and blinds. Dust all hard surfaces.
• Keep the bedrooms smelling fresh by putting a dryer sheet inside the pillow cases or underneath a chair cushion.

Holiday Cleaning Tips for the Dining Room.

Dining rooms are the focal points of any holiday meal time. Sit-down affairs or guests mingling and munching on snacks, necessitate a clean dining room. Holiday cleaning for your dining room includes the following:
• Clean the ceilings and floors. Get rid of any cobwebs and stains.
• The bottom of tables and chairs can gather dust and animal fur. Hence, these furniture need a proper dusting and wiping down prior to cleaning the floors.
• Depending on the kind of dining room table and chairs use a wood cleaner, leather cleaner, or fabric cleaner. They can really make your furniture shine.

Holiday Cleaning Tips for the Living Room.

The living room is the hub of holiday activities at any home. It’s usually the most decorated area of the house. More importantly, it’s where the Christmas Tree and presents are! So your living room requires extra holiday cleaning:
• Clean under the couch cushions. This is necessary whether you have kids or no kids, pets or no pets. Dust gets released with people getting up and down off the couches.
• Moving cushions may reveal some lost items that you may not want your guests to see.
• Vacuum the upholstery to get the unwanted dirt out.
• Dust mantles and bookshelves.
• Dust and clean vents and air filters.
• Ceiling fans and light fixtures should be wiped down too.

Holiday Cleaning Tips for Floors, Carpets and Upholstery.

While cleaning floors, carpets and upholstery should be a part of your everyday home cleaning, they may need to be cleaned more thoroughly or frequently during the holiday season. It’s advisable to do a deep clean of Floors, Carpets and Upholstery by professionals like Classique Chem-Dry before the holiday season begins. You can just do the following basic upkeep before and after gatherings:
• Provide doormats inside and outside the door. Your guests can wipe the dirt off their shoes on them.
• Sweep the entryway daily to keep dirt away.
• Vacuum carpets and upholstery regularly. Ensure no clumps of dirt or pet hair remain on them.
• Having a broom and dustpan or small vacuum handy ensures small spills during parties are cleaned up quickly.
• Area rugs help to protect your floors from spills and dirt. Area rugs are also easy to maintain and clean.

Classique Chem-Dry can handle for the holiday cleaning of your home.

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