Hacks to Get Rid of Dog Odour in Your Home

Hacks to Get Rid of Dog Odor in Your Home

Owing a dog can be the best thing ever. Dogs are always full of cheer and create a great companion. Dealing with dog odour is one part of having a dog in your home. If you own a dog then you very well are familiar with the dog smell that lingers around your home. Getting rid of these odours can be a big task. These overwhelming smells need to be removed and controlled. While getting rid of these odours can be very challenging, a little bit of efforts and hacks can help a lot. Listed below are a few hacks to get rid of dog odour in your home.

Wash your dog properly.

Invest in a good quality dog shampoo and conditioner. It is very important that you bathe your dog on a regular basis, this keeps them smelling fresh. It also keeps the dogs coat nice and shiny.

Buy quality food.

A good quality diet for your furry friend will keep it’s dog odour in check. Even if your dog has a bad breath maintaining a good diet will help in such problems. Try to invest in good quality dog food which will assure dog odour to decrease and also keep your pet healthy. Talk to a vet and ask him what are the best suitable diets for your dog.

Do not let your dog stay wet.

We all know that strong musky smell we get from a dog after it gets wet. Such a strong odour can haunt any home. It is very important to dry your dog well after it gets a bath. Use dog powders or perfumes to make your dog smell good. However do not ever try using human perfume products on your dog. This can lead to irritation to the dog’s nose or problems with their skin.

Invest in dog wipes.

As we know, it is not really possible to bathe your dog everyday. Buying dog wet wipes is one good method of making sure your dog’s feet and fur is wiped regularly. It also helps with getting rid of the bad dog odour.

Clean and mop the floors.

Another way of keeping your home smelling good is to remove the loose debris that your pet creates off of the floor. Dog debris not only includes hair and dirt but also dog dander. Dander is tiny microscopic flecks of skin which is very light. Make sure to gently sweep the floors so that you do not kick these debris up into the air where they will spread into other areas of your home. Once you have swept everything, mop all the hard surfaces to remove any sort of dust and dander you missed out while sweeping. Try to sweep and mop your floors as frequent as possible.

Steam and clean the carpets and furniture in your home.

After removing all the dry materials on your carpets and couches, use a steam cleaner to get out the dog odour that have been trapped inside the carpet’s fibers. You could also simply contact a carpet or upholstery cleaning service to help you out with getting rid of the dog odour.

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