Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Upholstered furniture can add to the ambience of your home. However, if you have children and pets playing and enjoying running around the home, your upholstered furniture can take quite a beating. They are the indoor décor items most prone to staining and getting dirty – second only to carpets and rugs.

Any items that have been upholstered such as dining chairs, armchairs and sofas can be considered upholstered furniture. It is recommended to give your upholstery a proper cleaning every now and then. When attempting to clean and maintain upholstery on your own, avoid making the most common upholstery cleaning mistakes listed below. This will ensure you don’t end up damaging your furniture accidentally.

Soaking your upholstery with excess water.

Soaking your sofa set or any area of your upholstery with water is not recommended.  

You can damage your upholstery whether you are drenching it in a cleaning solution or water. If it gets too wet, upholstery can get stained even with plain water. Even after it is dry, the area that was wet will have a permanent watermark and odour.

Due to excess water, your upholstered furniture will not dry quickly or properly. Mould is the next problem you should be concerned about. Water collects beneath the padding and can remain for days even if the surface seems dry. Damp furniture and upholstery are breeding surfaces for mould.

Not following the manufacturer’s guidelines or cleaning techniques.

Most fabric upholstery should have manufacturers labels with cleaning codes and guidelines. These indicate which type of cleaners should be used and how to maintain the furniture. To avoid any damage to the surface of your fabric upholstery, it’s important to pay attention to these codes. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines also ensures avoiding any unnecessary costs and spending money on repairs.

Using the wrong cleaning technique or stain removal method can cause even the smallest of stains to become permanent. Scrubbing stains can drive the dirt further into the fabric fibres or create a weak spot and damage the fabric. It’s best to start blotting the stain while it is fresh.

Avoid using too much heat on certain fabrics, such as silk or silk blends. Steam will damage these types of fabrics.

Fabric protectors are commonly used in homes to protect upholstery fabric from wear and tear. However, using the wrong type of fabric protector or an incorrect application will have the opposite effect.

You can also get advice from the shop assistant or sales attendant where you purchased your furniture. They should be able to assist you with the right information on how to keep your upholstered furniture clean and in tip-top condition.

Using wrong cleaning products and cleaning tools.

Different upholstery fabrics need different cleaning products. Many regular laundry detergents and household cleaners are too harsh for sofa sets, mattresses and carpets. Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonia or are bleach-based. You could end up causing discolouration, damaging the fibres, causing holes or splitting it. Make sure you read the label carefully when choosing a product to use to clean your dirty upholstery. Shop attendants can be helpful, but there’s no harm in doing your own online research too. Don’t use a cleaning product or a fabric protector on an upholstered surface without testing the product first.

You also need to use the right cleaning tools for cleaning your upholstery fabrics. For example, you can get specialised brushes for cleaning fabrics like suede. Even when brushing off loose dirt, use a soft brush. Don’t over brush your upholstery. 

Use a microfiber cloth that doesn’t shed lint when blotting or spot cleaning. You can vacuum upholstered items during general cleaning, but steam cleaning requires specialised high-end tools.

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When it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of your sensitive upholstery fabrics and furniture, it best to engage a reliable upholstery cleaning company that knows how best to avoid damage. Not hiring the right professional upholstery cleaners is as bad as using the wrong cleaning products, cleaning tools or cleaning techniques.

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