Common Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Carpet Stains

removing carpet stains

A carpet puts up with a lot of wear and tear during its lifetime. Getting stains on a carpet is one of the accidental hazards. Spills and stains can’t be avoided forever. However, you can lessen the stain’s effect if you know what not to do.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when removing carpet stains:

Delaying cleaning a spill.

One of the most important things to do as soon as you face a spill on a carpet is act immediately! The speed at which you react to the spill can make a big difference for the carpet. If a carpet stain is allowed to cool or dry, it will be almost impossible to remove. When you act straightaway, there’s a better chance of removing the stain as well as the odour from the carpet.

Over-soaking the carpet stain.

You shouldn’t excessively dampen the stained carpet. Applying too much moisture can be bad for your carpet. It leads to discoloration, damp odours and carpet lifting. Avoid soaking the carpet with too much water or cleaning product. Always ensure that any remaining moisture is absorbed. Place a white bath towel or paper towels on the damp carpet and press firmly. You can even apply a little extra pressure by standing on it.

Scrubbing a carpet stain.

When faced with a spot or spill on a carpet, most people immediately grab a damp tea towel.  They may instinctively start scrubbing the stain. Rubbing a stain actually forces the spilled substance and stain to go deeper into the carpet fibers. The carpet fibers get untwisted, leading to fraying and damage to the carpet fibre. This also spreads the discolouration. You should avoid using scrubbing tools and brushes.

Using a coloured cloth to blot carpet stains.

Think twice before you grab the first towel or rag within arm’s range. Water or the cleaning products might cause the dye from coloured cloths to bleed into the carpet as you try to clean it. Avoid this mistake to avoid cleaning double the mess!

Using a white towel always works best. If not available, use a rag that’s closest in colour to the carpet.

Using wrong carpet stain removal products.

Carpet fibres are made of different types of materials and each type of fibre needs specific stain removal products. You cannot always rely on the internet to provide the right advice, like using any natural solutions to remove a carpet stain. Applying the wrong stain removal product can ruin your carpet. Check with your carpet manufacturer for the best carpet cleaning product. They are the most trusted source when it comes to advice about your type of carpet. They should recommend something based on the composition of the staining material and the chemicals in the cleaning product.

Not testing the carpet cleaning product before use.

Any new carpet cleaning solution should be tested first before fully using it on your carpet. Especially when using stronger cleaning chemicals, you need to figure out the solution’s strength and the chemical’s reaction to the carpet. Always read the product label carefully to see that it is suitable for your carpet. You can test on a small patch in the corner or a hidden area of your carpet. Doing this will ensure your carpet fibers do not get damaged or bleached. 

Avoid excessive carpet cleaning chemicals.

Another common mistake that people make while cleaning a carpet stain is using excessive cleaning chemicals. Using more chemicals doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a cleaner carpet. No matter the product, carpet fibres will get damaged with excessive cleaning product usage. Using too much of the wrong carpet cleaning chemical can damage your carpet over time, especially if it has a high alkaline or acid pH or contains optical brighteners.

Delay in contacting a professional carpet cleaner.

Though you may know many DIY treatments and some tips or tricks about carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to get help from the experts. Contact a professional carpet cleaner immediately. You won’t be able to match the level of expertise delivered by carpet cleaning professionals.

They can provide proper treatment and adequate cleaning to repel stains. Steam cleaning a carpet also lessens the carpeting allergens. A carpet stain removal expert will have the right carpet cleaning equipment and cleaners.

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