Change the Look and Feel of Your Space with an Area Rug

Change the look and feel of your space with an area rug

When you want to add a splash of colour and versatility to your home or office décor, choose an area rug. You can’t go wrong as area rugs can actually improve the space.

Though most people go for an area rug mainly for its look, it can bring together all other elements in the room. After you find those unique area rugs, make sure you contact professional area rug cleaning specialist like Classique Chem-Dry to ensure they remain clean, fresh and are stain free.

You may wonder why area rugs are so popular in decorating. Here are some reasons.

Area rugs popularity extends far beyond style – They can pull together various colours, furniture and elements used in the room décor.

Area rugs are versatile – They can be used as an addition to a hard surface floor or even be laid over wall-to-wall carpet.

A variety of choice is on offer – Choosing area rugs can be fun. There’s always a ton of choices ranging from small rugs to long runners. Go for an area rug that feels right for you and your space.

Noise reduction is significant when using area rugs – You will find a noticeable difference between walking on plain floor, a carpet and on an area rug. There will be no echo due to higher sound absorption.

Area rugs are softer – This softness allows it to absorb some of the impact of footsteps, thus taking some of the pressure off your body. Area rugs also allow for flexibility and feel softer to the touch on skin.

Area rugs help anchor furniture in a room – The main pieces of furniture or at least their front legs being on the rug create a cozy and intimate feel.

Area rugs can create a grounding space or resting place for body and energy – For people who believe in alternate energy therapies like feng shui, it is important to control the energy flowing through the home. Area rugs slow down the energy flow and introduce a sense of calm to the space.

So what should you keep in mind when choosing the right area rug for your space? Here are a few factors:

1. Placement

An area rug placement depends on a lot – the setting, type of space, other room decor.

In entryways and foyers- centrally placed and orienting along the length of the space.

In living rooms- medium sized rugs, placing the front part of the furniture on the rug. To achieve a spacious look, the rug should extend for a foot or two on either side of the sofa.

In dining rooms- centrally placed below the dining table with enough space left over on the sides.

In bedrooms- The area rug should cover one third of the bed’s length and extend out around a foot or two on the three sides away from the headboard.

2. Shape

The shape of the area rug adds to the feel of the room. Round area rugs give a playful touch. They are best used with curved or circular furniture pieces like round tables. They are ideal to use in smaller sizes.   

Rectangular and square are rugs create a formal feel. They should be used with similar shaped furniture. Smaller round tables can also be centered on these rugs. 

3. Colour

The colour of an area rug can greatly complement other elements in the room. Balance the ambience of the space by matching the colour of the area rug with another accent in the room.

A tip to keep in mind is that darker colours exude coziness while lighter coloured rugs open up spaces.

4. Size

Pick an area rug proportionate in size to the space it is meant for. A space can become disconnected and fragmented if the area rug used is too small. However, if the area rug is too large, it can overwhelm the space.

To create an interesting effect, experiment by layering a small rug on a larger rug. 

Use two or more area rugs in larger rooms or spaces to segregate different areas and to define them.

5. Pattern

Create a harmony to your space by picking the pattern of your area rug similar to another element in the room. Match area rugs to cushions, curtains, wall paneling, upholstery or furniture. Use different scales to avoid repetition and to create visual hierarchy. Make sure not to cover up any central motif or pattern with furniture.

At Classique Chem-Dry, we are able to clean a wide range of different area rugs. Our professional cleaners ensure all area rugs are cleaned with great care and attention.  We know that any area rug will have special value to you, no matter what the actual cost.

For eco-friendly yet effective area rug cleaning solutions, contact us on 0248 213 408 / 0458 213 408 or email us at Classique Chem-Dry is the best choice if you’re looking for a quality cleaning and professional care for your area rugs.

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