10 Simple Autumn Cleaning Tips for Your Home
We are all familiar with spring cleaning, but experts recommend giving your home a good deep cleanup twice a year, with the second one being autumn cleaning. Apart from clearing gutters, raking fallen leaves, and storing summer outdoor furniture and patio back in the garage, autumn also calls for a deep house cleaning. We have compiled some autumn cleaning tips to deep clean your home and prepare it for the coming of winter. Clean the
5 Upholstery Cleaning Problems and How to Fix Them
Starting from stains all the way to odours, your beautiful upholstered furniture can suffer from various issues. But no homeowner discards their furniture over a simple stain. So how do you deal with upholstery problems? Your upholstery tends to deteriorate when cleaning is irregular, not thorough or wrongly done. Bearing this in mind, we have outlined some of the most common upholstery problems that could arise and how to tackle them. Lingering Odours Homeowners often
Smoke Damage Cleanup
When it comes to a fire event, there’s always some amount of smoke damage that occurs after the fire is put out. Catering to the smoke damage immediately is crucial as the longer the odours are left to linger, the more difficult it will be to remove them especially when it comes to furniture upholstery. When upholstery is exposed to severe smoky conditions, it can be quite difficult to clean. Experts recommend a professional smoke
Remove pet hair from carpets
Pets are a part of the family, and no matter how much you try, you cannot stop them from making a mess. Children can be told & intimidated not to do certain things which can create a mess. Pets, on the other hand, cannot be trained for certain things. And of all the things they do, natural hair fall is something even they cannot control. Here are tips on how to remove pet hair from
Stain Removal Tips for Carpets
Pic Credits: flickr Carpets are an important part of home décor. A well maintained and fresh looking carpet can give your home a new look. But keeping household carpets looking fine and spectacular everyday can sometimes be quite a task. From pets and kids, to dirt and food spills, carpets stains are a common issue homeowners are faced with. Besides simply wiping off stains from carpet accidents, there are hacks that can come in handy
Prevent a housefire
House fires are known to claim the lives of many people as well as causing immense damage to properties every year. Following safety measures and having regular checks can help protect your home and family from a devastating event like a house fire. Below outlined are simple fire safety tips that will help prevent a house fire. Check smoke alarms from time to time One simple way to prevent a house fire is by testing
Upholstered Furniture – Easy Tips for Maintenance
In the modern age of style, luxury and comfort, upholstered furniture can be quite in demand because of the fine look it adds to a home. Investing in gorgeous looking upholstery such as a lounge suite or sofa can be quite expensive, hence keeping it in good condition is important to every homeowner. If not maintained well, an expensive piece of upholstery may end up looking saggy and faded in no time. Put down together
Immediate Care for Your Water Damaged Carpet
Has your home been affected by a flood or water damage? And do you have area rugs/carpets damaged as a result of this? Water damage to your property can be quite a disturbing ordeal, causing harm to your belongings and potentially putting your health at risk. Before attempting to clean the carpet, you must first firmly decide if it is worth saving. Consider how long the carpet has been under water and if the water
10 DIY cleaning techniques that are easier than you imagined
When it comes to the chores of cleaning, most of us prefer putting it off until the weekend. And when it’s the weekend we prefer doing something fun or relaxing and thus cleaning takes a backseat. To make cleaning quick and easy, we have briefed down 10 DIY cleaning techniques. Using a few wondrous ingredients from your kitchen you can have a spick and span home in a jiffy. Olive oil for surfaces: Olive oil
8 Tips to Maintain Your Carpets for the Holiday Season
The holiday season is in and that would mean food, drinks and parties. While parties may be fun, they could mean a lot of work with both pre and post party cleanups. Inevitable carpet spills are a common thing during the holiday season. But with a few preventive tips in mind, you can prep your carpets for the holiday season. If you want to know how to keep your carpets looking beautiful all through the

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