Act Fast to Remove Carpet Stains

remove carpet stains

Everyone has close friends and guests who come over to their home. They enjoy their visits a little more when they can literally kick off their shoes and have a good time. Having a home with soft and clean carpets gives it a cozy and inviting feeling. But with busy lives and family / work responsibilities, the task of removing carpet stains may not sound as enjoyable.

Cleaning most common carpet stains.

Carpet stains can be caused in many ways. Neglecting stains on a carpet will make the carpet lose its appeal over time. Certain types of stains can also be stubborn and reversing the damage caused will be difficult, if it’s not taken care of immediately.

Some people use standard carpet cleaning equipment and DIY techniques to tackle common stains. In fact, unless you know the type of stain you’re dealing with, some people may find carpet cleaning an impossible task. You have to act fast if you want to avoid stains ruining your carpets.

Here are a few of the most common carpet stains and how you can remove them:

Red wine stains on your carpet? Stay calm.

Whether it’s the festive season or any other occasion, red wine helps celebrations come alive. However, that’s not without its own set of cleaning issues. It may feel like an impossible task to clean red wine spilt on your carpet.

Blot up the spill immediately after the mishap. You can neutralise the spilt wine by applying a mixture of any non-bleach detergent or a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar with 32 ounces of water. Blot the area dry. This should remove most of the red wine stain from the carpet.

If the stain is persistent, you can then use a solution of one cup of cold water with one tablespoon of ammonia and blot dry.

Then let a sprinkle of baking soda sit on the stain.  Vacuum it away after an hour.

Pet urine stains penetrate deep into carpet fibres.

Even if your pets have been house trained, accidents are inevitable. Pets urinating, defecating or stomach-upset accidents may still happen when you have furry friends indoors. Do not scrub these stains as it will spread the mess. Scrubbing pushes the mess deeper into the carpet fibres. Instead, use only paper towels or tissues to scoop up or blot out as much of the mess as possible.

Spray a solution of water and dishwashing liquid on the area.  Blot it dry after a few minutes. Next, spray a solution of water and vinegar and leave it for a while. Dry the area again by dabbing only.

Though the stain on the carpet may be gone, you will still need to fight pet urine odours that come along with it. You can reduce pet urine odour from the affected area by sprinkling baking soda. After the smell has gone, you can vacuum the baking soda off the carpet.

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Don’t let coffee stains on your carpet ruin your day.

Sipping a cup of coffee at the start of the day or in spare time may be one of the most enjoyable experiences for many people. This experience can turn sour when you accidentally spill your coffee on the carpet.

Removing a coffee stain from your carpet may sometimes feel like an impossible task, but it can be done. Act quickly after you spill the coffee. Grab a paper towel or a white cloth and apply it to the stain. Let it absorb as much as possible.

Some stubborn coffee stains may need a little bit of patience and time. Pour a little beer on top of the stain and rub it lightly into the carpet. The stain will start to fade away instantly. To ensure all traces of the coffee stain are removed from the carpet you will have to repeat this a few more times.

You can also remove coffee stains from a carpet by blotting the area with a cloth dipped in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

Classique Chem-Dry provides specialised cleaning services.

DIY cleaning tips using simple daily household items help tackle stains immediately before they set in. However, different types of carpet fabrics require different cleaning procedures.

When you want to permanently remove carpet stains and ensure that they look their best, call in carpet cleaning and stain removal experts like Classique Chem-Dry to help you with your situation. We use advanced cleaning solutions to tackle the most stubborn stains on both floors, furniture, carpets, area rugs and upholstery.

At Classique Chem-Dry, our top priority is always the health and well-being of our customers. Our cleaning and restoration teams deliver the best solutions that are not only safe and effective, but environmentally friendly too.

Get in touch with us for a free quote on your stain removal and carpet cleaning needs. Contact us on 0248 213 408 / 0458 213 408 or email us at for any of our services. We are available to customers in all suburbs of Bungendore, Crookwell, Goulburn, Yass, Gunning, Marulan, Collector.

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