5 Things That Could Ruin Your Rugs and Carpets

5 Things That Could Ruin Your Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets certainly add warmth and colour to homes. They can effortlessly transform a bare room into a beauty worth a million bucks. This luxurious beauty comes at a price and demands regular maintenance. Carpets and rugs are often vulnerable to various common household factors and if not cared for, it could shorten their life span. Below are 5 things to be careful of that could do damage to your rugs and carpets.

Insects and bugs

Insects certainly do cause a considerable damage to carpets and rugs. If you see moths flying around your room, they may have come in from the outdoors or from an infestation somewhere in the home, in which case check your drawers and closets. Carpet beetles are small, dark, reddish-brown or blackish insects that also develop from fibre and wool-eating larvae. To avoid this issue, make sure the place is clean and clutter free as it will prevent bugs from breeding.


We all love having pets at home, but pets could mean possible damage to your carpets and rugs. The damage could be in the form of accidents like urination. Apart from this young puppies and kittens can chew on the ends of carpets and rugs during their teething period. Using moth flakes could come in handy at this time. Scratching behaviour in pets can also cause significant damage to your carpets. The only way to deal with this is to curb the activity in the initial stages of the pet’s life as later it may be hard to control.

Again a pointer to remember when faced with pet accidents is to act quickly as later the damage could be irrecoverable. The soiled spot should be thoroughly cleaned to completely get rid of the odour or else your pet will return to the same spot over and over again, which could over a period of time ruin your rug.

Exposure to sun

Extreme care must be taken when carpets are exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent exposures can fade the colour of carpets and rugs as natural dyes usually soften over time with exposure to harsh sunlight. It is possible to reduce the strength of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that do the damage, by either applying a UV reduction film or replacing the glass with UV protective panels. Another option is to use sheer curtains or drapery liners to cut the impact of direct sunlight.

Spills and stains

An important thumb rule to keep in mind with any spills is to act quickly. If immediate action isn’t taken, the spills will be absorbed deep into carpet layers and will lead to permanent damage.
The best approach while dealing with all stains is to blot the spills with a clean paper towel or paper and allow the patch to dry completely. You could use a hairdryer to dry out the area. Using baking powder over stains can also help.

Exposure to moisture

Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause quite a detrimental damage to carpets and rugs. When they come in contact with water, the fibres tend to rot with continuous exposure. Rugs placed under flower pots, outside a bathroom, under kitchen sinks are most prone to getting exposed to moisture. Over time, such carpets and rugs become breeding grounds for mould and mildew that can cause health problems. As much as possible care must be taken to avoid carpets and rugs from coming in contact with any moisture.

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