5 Signs of leakage in your sprinkler system

5 Signs of leakage in your sprinkler system

Automatic sprinkler systems are installed to help homeowners save time, energy and money. So what happens when there’s a leakage in the system? How would one even detect a leak when the main components are located under the lawn?

In addition to water wastage and a spiked water bill, sprinkler system leaks can cause damage to your lawn, garden and landscaping if not detected and repaired immediately.

A leakage ignored could seriously cost you a lot of money. To prevent any damage and expenses we have briefed up the most common signs that tell you your sprinkler has sprung a leak and what steps need to be taken to remediate it.

Soggy grass

When you walk through your lawn on a dry weather day, do you find any soggy spots? If yes, this isn’t normal and could suggest a sprinkler leak. Even if you don’t see any water bubbling up, you will notice more dampness around the sprinkler valves or areas where there are important connections underground. These wet conditions need to be checked and resolved immediately before they cause any damage to your lawn and garden.

Wet concrete

If it hasn’t rained, yet you find wet spots on your sidewalk or driveway, it could indicate a leakage in the sprinkler system. In such a case, it is best to contact a professional to have a better understanding of the situation – whether it’s an actual leakage or if the sprinkler head just needs an adjustment.

Even though concrete is tough, excess water can damage it over time. So if there’s an unusual amount of water lying on your concrete due to a leakage, getting the sprinkler repaired immediately is crucial to avoid future problems.

Erosion around sprinkler

Something you may not notice straight away is erosion around the sprinkler heads. If it appears like the area around the sprinkler is caving in or the ground looks dug up, it probably isn’t your dog’s or a squirrel’s doing. Look for a leak and call a professional to check the matter.

Fungus growth

Another telltale sign of excess moisture due to a leakage is fungus. Do you see a troop of mushrooms around your sprinkler system? Or growing at the bottom of trees that are probably near or above underground lines? If you notice an unusual growth of mushrooms in your environment it could mean something isn’t quite right with your sprinkler system.

High water bill

If you notice your water bill has gone up heavily, you’ll need to look at a number of factors. Considering your daily usage has not increased for an explainable reason, it could be your sprinkler system. Check areas like the plumbing, dishwasher, washing machine, bathroom and toilet. If everything seems alright, take a look at your sprinkler system for the cause.

If you have water damage resulting from leakage in sprinklers, pipes, plumbing, etc. turn to Classique Chem-Dry for complete remediation and restoration of property. You can call us on 1800 213 006.

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