5 Signs of Carpet Mould

5 Signs of Carpet Mould

Mould is known to proliferate quickly in damp areas, which is why a carpet that has been damp for sometime becomes an ideal place for mould to grow. Once mould grows it can spread to the surrounding areas if the problem is not tackled soon enough and in the right way. At times it may be difficult to tell if your carpet is harbouring mould as it could be growing beneath the carpet. Understanding the telltale signs of carpet mould, will help you find out if there’s any mould lurking under your carpet.

Musty smell

If you find a musty smell lingering around your carpet it could be due to mould. This smell may be hard to notice for anybody who spends most of their time in the house, as one may have gotten used to it. But if any of your visitors get an unusual smell near your carpet and bring it to your notice, you should definitely inspect your carpet.


As mentioned earlier, dampness is one of the factors that lead to mould growth. If your carpet has been damp for a day or longer, there are high chances that mould could develop on it. Dampness could arise due to a leak from the floor beneath. Carpets in your basement are more vulnerable to mould due to leaking pipes. Hence, when there’s a leak, it’s important to clean and dry the carpet as soon as possible in order to prevent carpet mould. The same goes for carpet spills.


Exposure to mould can cause allergic reactions like, eye, nose and throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and trigger asthma attacks. If you or any family member has been suffering from any such problems, seek medical help immediately. Also, check for mould in your home. This includes checking your carpets.


If your carpet has started developing any discoloured patches of white, black or green it could be due to mould. Discolouration occurs when mould has reached an advanced stage of growth. Usually the area beneath the carpet gets discoloured before the rest of the carpet. Therefore, it is important to check for mould underneath your carpet.

Mould testing kit

Another way to detect the presence of carpet mould is by using a mould testing kit. This works by analysing the airflow across a carpet. If any mould spores exist in your carpet, they will land on the testing kit.

How to get rid of carpet mould

Before you begin the mould removal process, it is important to wear proper gloves, mask, goggles, etc. to protect yourself from mould contamination.

You can clean your carpet, using a solution of water and dish-washing soap. Another method is to mix a cup of bleach with a gallon of water. Spray the solution on the carpet. Let it sit for 15-20 mins. Next, remove excess water using a wet vacuum cleaner. Make sure to remove as much water as possible to avoid future mould problems. Turn on the fan, leave windows open, and use dehumidifiers to get rid of excess moisture.

Remember, removing carpet mould is more complex than it seems. Hence, it’s best to call in a professional team to eliminate carpet mould. Classique Chem-Dry can help you with that. Call 1800 213 006 to speak to our experts!

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