10 Tips to Keep Your Area Rugs in Top Condition

10 tips to keep your area rugs in top condition

Area rugs with their colours and textures give your home that finishing touch. To keep your rugs in top condition for a long time, you need to take good care of them. Below are simple tips that will help you maintain the beauty and health of your area rugs.

1. Know your rug.

There are several types of rugs on the market and each kind requires slightly different care. It’s important to know what type of rug you have and whether it has any special care requirements. Make sure to also pass on this information to anybody who takes care of the area rug cleaning.

2. Vacuum on a regular basis.

Vacuuming regularly is one of the best ways to extend the life of your area rugs. It helps to eliminate contaminants like dust, dirt and other material build up that could harm the fibres or damage the backing of your area rug. Regular vacuuming is particularly important for rugs placed in high traffic areas.

3. Have your rugs professionally cleaned.

Vacuuming surely goes a long way in keeping your rugs clean. However, it’s good to have your area rugs cleaned by a professional to remove any dirt or material that may have settled deep in the fibres of your rug. Professionals possess the necessary cleaning tools and solutions to deep clean your area rugs.

4. Attend to initial shedding.

If you’ve bought a new area rug, you might have noticed that some loose fibers have started to fall out. The best way to deal with this situation is to vacuum twice a week initially. If your rug has stray loops, trim them with scissors. Never pull out the fibres as it could ruin your rug.

5. Remove pet hair.

Your furry friend’s hair can easily get trapped in the fibres of your rug which you may not be able to fully remove using a vacuum cleaner alone. To supplement your vacuuming, you can use tools like a carpet brush, carpet rake or a squeegee to remove your pet’s hair.

6. Prevent spills.

To prevent your rugs from getting stained, you need to try and avoid spilling food and drinks on them. Make sure all eatables and drinks are stored properly and nothing is consumed on your rugs. Whether you are painting your room or your nails, keep your rugs aside or have them covered properly.

7. Clean spills right away.

Yes, despite your best efforts, accidents can happen. When something is spilled on your area rug, treat it immediately. If you leave it unattended for long, the spill will dry and leave a bad stain. To cleanup wet spills, blot the area gently using a damp cloth. If any wet solid/semi solid food has got to your rugs, scrape it off using a spoon. The faster you clean the spill, the less chances of staining.

8. Change you rug’s position.

Have you noticed that one part of your rug appears dirty and worn out much quicker as compared to the other parts? This usually happens to the part you walk on the most. To avoid this, rotate your rugs over a period of time, so that you’re walking on a different part of it and in this way the rug will be evenly used. Another alternative is to use a different area rug from time to time.

9. Keep rugs away from direct sunlight.

Direct exposure to sunlight can cause your rugs to fade making them look dull. To avoid this, place them in areas away from harsh sun rays. If you wish to use rugs outside your home go for outdoor rugs that are designed to endure sunlight and are fade resistant.

10. Ensure protection from furniture.

The feet of heavy furniture items can leave dents on your rug. To prevent this, add protectors to the feet of your furniture. Make sure to clean the bottom of your furniture items before placing them on your rug to avoid dirtying or staining it.

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