10 Simple Autumn Cleaning Tips for Your Home

10 Simple Autumn Cleaning Tips for Your Home

We are all familiar with spring cleaning, but experts recommend giving your home a good deep cleanup twice a year, with the second one being autumn cleaning.

Apart from clearing gutters, raking fallen leaves, and storing summer outdoor furniture and patio back in the garage, autumn also calls for a deep house cleaning.

We have compiled some autumn cleaning tips to deep clean your home and prepare it for the coming of winter.

Clean the windows.

As the days are shorter, it’s important to make the most of the glaring sunlight. Wipe away all dust and cobwebs. Clean the windows with a solution of vinegar and water using a sponge. Wipe dry the windows with a fresh, dry cloth.

Dust and polish.

It’s time to cleanup all the dust and pollen that has accumulated over the summer season using a decent furniture polish and cloth. Rearrange your furnishings, brush off the dust sitting on book shelves and ensure your mirrors and silver are sparkling.

Store summer clothing and linens.

As the cool season is here, replace all summer wear with woollen clothing and coats. Use moth balls to keep moths from entering your wardrobe. You can also use moth repelling fragrances like lavender in your wardrobe to protect your clothes from moths.


During this time you are likely to find many spider webs in your house giving your home a Halloween look. But don’t worry; you can easily remove them using an extendable long-armed duster or a suitable vacuum attachment. Pay attention to ceiling corners where you’ll often find cobwebs.

De-clutter your kitchen cabinet.

Discard any foods that have crossed the expiry date, and spices that are over six months old or have lost their aroma. Clean up the fridge, remove items that you don’t need, defrost the freezer and dispose of old food.

Defrost the freezer.

One of the few appliances in your home that is used on an everyday basis is your freezer. For it to work efficiently and last for years, you need to ensure regular maintenance. One of the ways to maintain your freezer is to defrost it from time to time – if you don’t own a self-defrosting model.

Clean and test smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and chimney.

In recent years, wood burners and open fires have become quite the thing in homes and with temperatures starting to drop, they will soon be put to use – providing cosiness on cold, dark nights.

But, before you begin to use the wood burner/open fire, call a professional to deep clean the chimney, eliminating any dirt or debris present. Remember to also check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, to ensure they are in working condition.

Clean on top, behind and underneath your furnishings.

Do you try to reach the back of the sofa, wardrobe, sideboard when using the vacuum to clean your home? An important tip for carrying out your weekly chores of cleaning is to get to the top, behind and bottom of your furniture to remove dust, debris and allergens. This will ensure your home is cleaner and healthier.

Clean upholstery, curtains and bedding.

Even though changing sheets every week helps to keep the bed clean, there’s still a good amount of dirt that can get accumulated on your mattress. Apart from dirt, bedbugs are a common problem too. Hence, it’s important to have the mattress cleaned on a regular basis to avoid such problems. We suggest calling a professional cleaner to clean your mattress, upholstery and curtains to get rid of dust, debris, bedbugs if any, in a safe manner without causing any fabric damage.

Clean the garage.

Do not miss this area when cleaning your home. Set some time apart to clean up and re-arrange things in your garage. Allocate places to store your garden furniture, summer items and things you won’t use during the season.

Over and above these autumn cleaning tips, if you need professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services, contact Classique Chem-Dry on 1800 213 006.

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