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Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Goulburn & NSW

Carpets act as filters and trap dirt, grease, animal hair and other soils on a daily basis. Accidental spills and over time wear can make even the highest quality carpets look dingy. There are a number of preventative steps you can take to increase the life span of your carpets, but at times you may need the help of a professional.

Professional carpet cleaning services can help remove the tough, deep-down grime in your carpets, keeping your home fresh, clean and healthy. At Classique Chem-Dry, the health and well being of customers is our top priority. Our carpet cleaning technicians deliver the best cleaning solutions that are safe, effective and environmental friendly.

Why Choose Classique Chem-Dry

Classique Chem-Dry’s professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services help keep homes clean and healthy. With years of experience in the industry, we understand our clients’ needs and have provided exceptional customer service through the years. Our cleaning processes are eco- friendly and designed to give carpets a longer-lasting, healthier clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

We also provide 24-hour emergency services where our team of expert cleaners can be on hand, for a professional, quick and easy clean, tailor-made just for our clients. Truly, we are a one-stop solutions for all carpet cleaning needs.

What Makes Chem-Dry Different

  • Quick Process
  • With 80% less water than typical steam cleaners, Chem-Dry reduces dry times and the risk of mould and mildew, resulting in faster-drying carpets that dry in hours instead of days.
  • Deeper and Safer Cleaning Solutions
  • Chem-Dry uses green-certified solutions which are safe and non-toxic, and a unique Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning process which removes 98% of common allergens in carpets.
  • Tested and Proven
  • All our products are tested with common allergens, bacteria and dirt to ensure they provide results.
Classique Chem-Dry Removes Allergens and Improves Air Quality


Classique Chemdry

What Our Clients Say

When I experienced severe water damage in our home, I called on Classique Chem-Dry to remediate the situation. The company technicians were consistent in coming daily and checking the equipment they utilised to dry the water damage. They were extremely friendly and respectful of my property.
C. Smith
My wife and I recently had our insurance company recommend Classique Chem-Dry after a fire destroyed part of our home. We are so glad they did. They had outstanding customer service and did a super restoration job.
Ben Jones
Scheduling service with this company has been great. They were friendly, on time and did a good job of cleaning my area rugs, carpets and upholstery. They made it all look new again!
Ryan A
I had carpets that were stained with pet urine and smelt offensive. The highly-trained professionals at Classique Chem-Dry were thorough during the entire cleaning process. My home now smells like a nice place to stay in - with no more stains or odour! Thanks for everything.
Annie Wilson

Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Our extensive knowledge and carpet cleaning experience guarantees that we will achieve and maintain complete customer satisfaction. Our methods combine state of the art equipment with safe cleaning agents to offer a cost-effective deep steam clean.
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